Zerion Brings Its Non-Custodial Web3 Smart Wallet to Polygon 

The Polygon Network is now integrated within the recently launched Zerion Wallet — a non-custodial smart wallet for Web3 that enables users to access DeFi and NFTs and connects directly to any dApp in just a few clicks. 

By extending support to Polygon, Zerion Wallet users can tap into lightning-fast and low-cost transactions and reach an ecosystem of over 19,000 dApps.

Zerion Wallet offers its customers a true, first-class Layer-2 experience, providing a full suite of advanced portfolio management features. These include monitoring positions, portfolios, and rewards across multiple blockchains and even bridge assets between them. 

Moreover, thanks to its bridge aggregation feature, users will be able to find the most efficient bridges to Polygon from other popular networks such as Ethereum, BSC, and others. Zerion also comes equipped with a trading aggregation function that scans all DEXs on Polygon to get users the lowest rates available. 

When getting started, users can create a new wallet or import an existing one, such as MetaMask, with no limit on the number of private keys. This makes migrating multiple wallets more manageable and more intuitive.

As a bonus, after signing up for the wallet, users will receive their very own Zerion DNA NFT — a Dynamic NFT Avatar, or DNA, that evolves with every on-chain action. Each DNA is entirely unique, with features determined by the contents of the user's wallet. These features evolve in real-time as user portfolios expand and rebalance. For example, if a user holds mostly Polygon’s $MATIC token, their “Living NFT” will change to a purple hue. 

Zerion Wallet has had its code independently audited by both Secfault and Cure53, with both audits concluding that there were no issues. Additionally, the platform doesn’t track any user data or store private keys and seed phrases — allowing users to ensure they remain in control of their own funds. 

Learn more about Zerion Wallet here, and keep an eye on our blog for the latest news from the Polygon ecosystem!

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