Polygon’s Journey in First Half of 2022: Developer Recap

Seasons change, and the familiar comforts of one’s routine give way to new habits while the weather around us shifts. Perhaps the usually optimistic GM in your feed feels a little glum. Maybe the energy in your squad is running on a low current. We know the last few weeks have been hard for developers, […]

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Polygon Village Turns Up the Volume on DAOs

Building things at the speed of the Internet is difficult enough, but breaking new ground in Web3 is doubly hard. While “what to build” is still the all-important question, teams also have to grapple with the more mundane problem of “how to build it.” That’s why Polygon Village (an initiative of Polygon DAO) is extending […]

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Say GM to WAGMI JobDrops

At Polygon, we strongly believe in helping our ecosystem projects on their growth journey by connecting them with top Web3 talent. That’s why Polygon Village (an initiative of Polygon DAO) is super excited to introduce you to WAGMI JobDrops! The first virtual event in this virtual job fair series that bridges the gap between dApps […]

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