Stargraph Is Live On Polygon To Connect With Formula 1 Fans Through Temple Of Speed

Stargraph is the first Monza Circuit NFTs collection to engage Formula1 fans in an innovative way launched on Polygon.

Stargraph has chosen to launch its NFT platform on Polygon. While the sports and entertainment world are looking at NFTs as a way to connect with fans, Stargraph is the first platform that enables fans to share their passion by buying and holding NFTs. Polygon has become the go-to scaling platform for brands and Ethereum-based applications. This led to a rapidly growing NFT ecosystem with more than 300+ NFT Dapps, including Opensea, Aavegotchi, Zed Run, Neon District, Megacryptopolis building on Polygon. 

Stargraph offers a complete journey for its users in the sports, music, gaming, and entertainment industry to enter the NFT world, with a primary and secondary marketplace. On top of this, Stargraph has the proprietary gamification model that rewards NFT owners for only holding NFTs into their wallets. And, finally, users have their Stargraph Fungible Token that will provide benefits and experiences to the holders.

For the platform’s launch, the first Monza Circuit NFT will be airdropped to all fans: a faithful reproduction of the trophy given to the winners of each Monza race. The digital card of the cup, created by the Milanese creative designer, Miranda Biondi, is the first digital asset of the Temple of Speed available on the marketplace and will be sent to all fans who register on the between September 10 and 12, the weekend in which the Formula1 Italian Grand Prix 2021 will be run. 

Integrating with Polygon PoS will enable economical transaction fees, faster settlements, and a seamless experience for Stargraph and its users. Stargraph will also benefit from the ecosystem being built on Polygon PoS, which includes some of the leading NFT projects, such as OpenSea.  Stargraph will develop a scalable pricing infrastructure to engage millions of fans worldwide using Polygon PoS. With this move, Stargraph will start new initiatives to educate fans to this entirely new world and close new collaborations with notable celebrities, athletes, clubs, and brands. Stargraph currently offers an NFT collection from Rolling Stone and Mirco Lazzar, Sports ambassador for Nikon. Polygon PoS enables low-cost and high-speed transactions and works to reduce the environmental impact of minting NFTs.

Stargraph will continue to work using Polygon PoS to launch a new NFT collection with top partners and to launch other parts of the platform like the secondary market and the utility token.

About Stargraph

Stargraph is an Italian company born in 2017 with one revolutionary vision: NFTs and blockchain to reverse the traditional paradigm of the sports and entertainment world, going from “fans monetization” to “fans that monetize their passion.” 

And this is possible thanks to a unique solution, an NFTs marketplace, with fans gamification and tokenomics.

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