Project Spotlight: Aavegotchi — A Tamagotchi inspired NFT+DeFi+DAO Gaming Experience

Polygon’s vibrant ecosystem of projects and Dapps has led to wide adoption with more than 176M transactions and 1.2M unique users thanks to 400+ brilliant decentralized applications.

Introducing Project Spotlight: an initiative to highlight and get to know the Dapps on Polygon a little better!

Our third project in this series is Aavegotchi: a fun and vibrant Tamagotchi inspired digital pets game that combines the goodness of NFTs, DeFi and DAOs.

With more than 10,000 active players and a full set of on-chain gaming features including petting your Gotchis, NFT raffles, $GHST staking and stat boosting wearables, collaborations with top projects like Snapshot, Aave, and Chainlink, Aavegotchi is one of the most innovative gaming projects in the Ethereum and Polygon space.

Can you introduce us to the awesome team building Aavegotchi?

Dan (@coderdannn) and Jesse (@gldnXross) are pioneers in the NFT space, dating back to their first experiments with value-backed NFTs in Bullionix. In 2020, they became interested in DeFi and the possibilities of intertwining DeFi with NFTs. This curiosity led to Aavegotchi, the first DeFi+NFT project ever created.

Please tell us a little about Aavegotchi and its unique gaming experience.

Aavegotchi was one of the earliest NFT projects to launch on Polygon! We have an amazing community and are constantly pushing the NFT gaming space forward with innovations like DeFi integration, onchain art, and NFT raffles, all on Polygon!

Why did you guys choose Polygon for scaling?

We have a great blog post here:

What got your team into Blockchain and Crypto?

The promise of a permissionless financial economy. We’ve been working in the space for over five years, getting involved because we recognized the enormous potential for positive change these technologies offer. The genie was clearly out of the bottle and there’s nothing more exciting than to be able to build with tech that enables anyone to opt-out of the legacy systems.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself!

Dan and Jesse are originally from the US, but we met in China and both speak great Mandarin!

Aavegotchi Website:



Aavegotchi Wiki

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