Polygon Weekly, Nov 5 - Nov 12

Over the past week, Polygon welcomed 10 plus new projects from multiplayer gaming platforms to blockchain bridges. Here is what’s new for the Polygon ecosystem, now 3,000+ strong.

New Integration Highlights 

Shoutout to the projects that have been built on or integrated with Polygon. Welcome!

Alchemy Pay -- the world's first payment gateway solution to bridge the gap between fiat and crypto economies. To use alchemy pay, retailers pledge ACH to the network to be able to accept cryptocurrency at their online or physical stores.

Cryowar -- next-generation real-time multiplayer PVP game built with Unreal Engine. Cryowar is an amalgam between a traditional gaming experience and the best practices of the blockchain world, DAO voting, NFTs, and DeFi.

DAFI Protocol -- a reward protocol that incentivizes long-term commitment to projects through a synthetic token and super-staking functionality. DAFI has already joined forces with other blockchain leaders, including Terra Virtua to offer rewards to users of the collectibles platform. 

EatTheBlocks -- an education platform training the next generation of blockchain developers. EatTheBlocks provides easy-to-follow tutorials for students to learn about Ethereum development, Solidity, DeFi, and Web 3.0. 

Enegra -- an international mineral commodities trading business based in Malaysia. The company, which has a net asset value of $28 billion, has migrated its equity-tied EGX security tokens to the Polygon blockchain from Ethereum. 

Idle Finance -- the longest-running and most-resilient simple-to-use yield aggregator, clustering several noteworthy yield-generating platforms. 

Space SIP -- a blockchain-enabled play-to-earn RPG. Travel to the stars, discover new worlds, and win epic battles.

SX Network -- a stand-alone smart contract blockchain offering EVM compatibility, low transaction costs, and a PoS-based consensus model. 

SXW -- a sexual wellness platform using crypto to promote the creation and spread of positive content.

Wormhole -- a communication bridge facilitating the fast transfer of any kind of information from one chain to another. Existing projects, platforms, and communities can move tokenized assets seamlessly across blockchains.

Blog Round-up

Why Web3 Developers Are Choosing Polygon Over Other Solutions

The number of decentralized applications (dApps) building on Polygon jumped 100-fold over the past year to 3,000+ as of October, from 30 same time last year, according to Alchemy. Check out the post to see why developers are migrating in droves to the Polygon ecosystem.

Seven Takeaways From Polygon Hermez Fireside Chat

Everybody is talking about what Zero-Knowledge proofs can do for scaling and privacy on Ethereum. The folks at Polygon Hermez sat down for a chat on what’s the latest in this space. We have distilled their conversation into a list of bite-sized takeaways.

If You Read One Thing

Vitalik Buterin Says Layer 2s are the Future of Ethereum Scaling

Back in October 2020, Vitalik published a post titled “What would a rollup-centric ethereum roadmap look like?” in which he argued for rollups as a scaling solution. In the year since rollups have arrived in force. So it’s only fitting that in his keynote presentation at 2021 Shanghai International Blockchain Week Vitalik said that Layer 2 is the only safe way to scale Ethereum while preserving decentralization. He specifically singled out the promise of Zero-Knowledge rollups in a slide comparing transfer costs of various ZK offerings, with Polygon Hermez topping the chart 😉

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