Sneak Peek of Polygon Tokyo Hacker House

We’re so psyched to meet all of the crazy & talented builders of Japan at our upcoming three-day Polygon x IVS Tokyo Hacker House!

Over 100 developers, creatives, and Web3 enthusiasts will join us in person July 1-3 to ship the projects they’ve been dying to create. Hackers can crew up on-site or join as a team, all in service of making what they want to see in the world.

With our partners at IVS Crypto, we’ve funded bounties for go-getter teams in the following tracks: 

  • Defi – $2500 
  • Metaverse – $2500
  • Gaming – $2500
  • NFT – $2500

We’re also ~super excited~ to announce that the top three teams will win a FREE TRIP to Okinawa!

A max of three people from each team will travel and pitch to investors at Demo Day during the IVS Crypto 2022 Naha Conference, as part of Japan’s Blockchain Week. The projects made in a blur of caffeine during #PolygonTokyoHack have a real chance to get significant funding.

And we’re here to help. Our action-packed workshops and panels cover essential elements of Polygon’s ecosystem and bleeding-edge technology in the context of the wider Web3 world. From NFTs to DeFi, DAOs to metaverse, or the future of gaming, we’ll be immersing participants in the nitty-gritty of building and shipping. 

We’ve got your back with vibes, too. Delicious nom noms, the chance to hobnob with Web3 master builders and shakers, a couple celebratory parties, and (importantly) swag. 

#PolygonTokyoHack is a chance to unwind even while you wind up, readying to throw your project to the world.

Polygon has the best tech in the business, plus adoption to boot. We were made by developers, for developers. Our own Polygon devs will be milling about the hacker house to answer questions and troubleshoot challenges. We love onboarding new folks to Web3, whether at IRL events like this or through our wealth of resources accessible online. 

This is our first big step into East Asia, but by no means our last. There are millions and millions of developers here, making it a hotspot of creativity, hacking, and collaboration. We’re eager to meet these smart and talented builders, to introduce them to all the ways Web3 will change so many verticals in the future. 

We aim to empower people to build on Polygon. In Web3, they’ll be able to create value and solve pain points that would otherwise remain unsolvable. 

These are the moments we live for, that we endeavor to create: life-changing opportunities that empower devs to pursue projects of their own devising. We can’t wait to meet you in Tokyo, and start building together!

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