Polygon is Coming to ETHMexico With Blu3house #onPolygon 

Polygon is coming to Latin America as a presenter-tier sponsor of ETHMexico

The annual gathering of Ethereum's brightest minds organized by ETHGlobal will be held on Aug. 19 - 21 in Mexico City. In preparation for the 36-hour-long hackathon, Polygon will host and mentor 25 top women builders in Web3 at our Blu3house #onPolygon. These women builders will live together and work collaboratively starting Aug. 17 in a supportive, women-only house in Mexico City close to the event. 

Live-in mentorship by an experienced squad of Polygon developers will help the cohort navigate and strategize for ETHMexico. Any questions about how to build – what programming languages to choose, common mistakes deploying smart contracts, tricks and trades of seasoned coders – will be fielded by Polygon's own developer sages. 

On Aug. 19, you can find Steph Orpila, Polygon's developer relations engineer, delivering a keynote titled “Creating Evolving NFTs using On-Chain Mutable Data” on the main stage at 9:30 p.m. CDT. 

Polygon brings immersive learning, a creative building environment, delicious food, and lots of swag to members of Blu3house #onPolygon. The only thing the builders need to arrive with is an eagerness to journey into Web3 and try something new. Above all, there will be an emphasis on creating a strong network of women developers getting started in this field. 

All too often, conferences descend on a city for a few days, only to have the influx of participants turn around and leave, contributing almost nothing to the region left behind. That's why Polygon is mindful of supporting regional builders by working with women empowering DAOs like Blu3DAO. Likewise, priority for the Blu3house #onPolygon will be given to bilingual Latam women developers.

Local communities grow hubs of innovation 

Polygon Guilds have been popping up around the world, connecting local builders. At ETH Latam last week, for instance, Polygon Buenos Aires threw a side event in a planetarium that filled up almost immediately. 

Community-run events like these break down access barriers as people come together to build a new digital world #onPolygon that is transparent, ownable, and sustainable–where communities and builders can capture more of the value they make.

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So if you couldn't apply to Blu3house #onPolygon at ETHMexico, there are other ways to sync up with our community. Come meet Polygon developers during the hackathon, and begin collaborating. 

Polygon’s ETHMexico workshops will emphasize full-stack development, in order to help Web2 builders jump into Web3 for the first time. The best projects are eligible for $12,000 in prizes. 

Can't make ETHMexico at all, but have a project ready to go? Click here to sign up for the online Polygon BUIDL IT hackathon, with $500,000 in bounties. Submissions close on Aug. 22. 

If you want to get involved in your local Web3 community, find a Polygon Guild near you, or spin up your own! And stay tuned to our blog, join our Discord, and follow us on our social media handles for information about upcoming events. 

Let's bring the world to Ethereum!

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