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RCN Network is bringing its Credit Marketplace to Polygon!

We’re thrilled to announce that RCN is expanding to Polygon with the vision to boost the Multichain experience. RCN is a global peer-to-peer credit network connecting lenders and borrowers worldwide to build frictionless, transparent, and borderless loan markets to access credit and provide loans. RCN is now moving towards a more scalable and multichain environment […]

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Starter Goes Cross-Chain: Polygon Blockchain Launch

We are excited to share that Starter has gone cross-chain with the launch on Polygon Blockchain. Launched to fulfil some of Ethereum’s shortcomings, that Polygon is outperforming and rising meteorically. The multichain system combines the best of Ethereum’s network effects with aspects of sovereign blockchains in an attractive feature set. Made by developers, for developers. […]

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Multipad will be live on Polygon!

June 23, 2021- We are thrilled to announce that Mulitpad will be bringing its community-governed decentralized multi-chain powered launchpad to Polygon! Mutlipad differentiates itself from the other launchpad with its unique allocation model that solves low allocation and FCFS problems. As a multi-chain launchpad, Multipad aims to become the one-stop launchpad by incorporating all major […]

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The Data Availability Problem

In this post, we delve into the details of the data availability problem and how it can impact scaling on Ethereum. What is the Data Availability problem? The Data Availability (DA) problem: How can peers in a blockchain network be sure that all the data of a newly proposed block is actually available? If the […]

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MahaDAO announces the Launch of ARTH 2.0 Mainnet on Polygon

We are excited to announce that ARTH 2.0 will be launching on Polygon. MahaDao is expanding its journey with Polygon by launching V2 of its decentralized algorithmic currency over-collateralized fractional reserve currency, ARTH 2.o on Polygon to enable low-cost transactions and fast finality for ARTH holders. ARTH 2.0 Mainnet Launch After the migration of ARTH […]

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Kyber launches the Rainmaker liquidity mining program on Polygon with ~$30M in rewards!

Kyber announces $30M liquidity mining program to enhance liquidity on both Ethereum and Polygon We are thrilled to announce that Kyber Network is launching its Dynamic Market Maker, a new protocol in Kyber’s liquidity hub, Kyber DMM on the Polygon network which is set to deploy on 30th June. With the vision to deliver a sustainable […]

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