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Polygon Builder Series vol.6 — Ben and Kila QiDAO

Polygon Builder Series is a video and blog series where our host Nemo talks with fellow builders on Polygon. Our guests today are Ben and Kila from QiDAO. MAI is a stable coin collateralized by your MATIC holdings. It’s powered by Qi Dao, a protocol that enables any cryptocurrency community to create stablecoins backed by their native tokens. What is MAI (miMatic)? […]

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PERI Finance amplifies its reach with the Polygon integration

We are excited to announce that PERI Finance, a decentralized cross-chain synthetic issuance, and derivative exchange protocol, is integrating with Polygon. PERI Finance provides access to a wide range of traditional financial and crypto assets in a way of leveraged and none-leveraged synthetic products. It empowers users with lower GAS fees, speedy transactions, and security […]

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Polygon powered NFT Platform UNXD announces Dolce&Gabbana’s Collezione Genesi

14th July — We are excited to announce that UNXD, an exclusive marketplace for digital luxury and culture, is launching Dolce&Gabbana’s debut NFT drop, Collezione Genesi. This launch is bound to set paradigms in the fashion and luxury industry. The collection is inspired by the rich culture and heritage of Venice, one of the world’s most iconic […]

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Solana, powered by Solbridge is now live on Polygon

14th July — We are delighted to announce that Solbridge, a blockchain bridge that aims to connect DeFi service providers across a number of different chains, has launched a bridge from Polygon to Solana and is now live. It is Solbridge’s first EVM-compatible network. Solbridge participants will be able to transfer assets from the EVM network to […]

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Coinbase makes connecting DApps on Polygon more seamless!

14th July — We are thrilled to announce that Coinbase Wallet mobile app and extension will now be available for Polygon. The Coinbase and Polygon integration will allow faster and cheaper transactions and provide easy access to Decentralized Applications (DApps). This will definitely enhance the whole DeFi ecosystem and will make it more accessible. Connect Polygon & Coinbase […]

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Polygon (MATIC)’s RSS News Feed Now Integrated with Price Page

14th July — has integrated Polygon (MATIC) news and announcements to their Polygon (MATIC) Price Page. Users will now keep up with the latest Polygon information without leaving’s platform with this integration.’s Polygon (MATIC) Price Page enables users to access the latest MATIC price, trading volume, live charts, and market capitalization data. Along with Polygon ($MATIC) […]

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