Matic Network & Binance Labs Spearhead the Game Oasis Hackathon Initiative — Blog

Matic Network understands the importance of developer engagement in facilitating the decentralized movement — mass blockchain user adoption cannot be achieved without the participation of BUIDLers. We’re thrilled to be expanding on our existing hackathon efforts by collaborating with Binance Labs and other leading gaming blockchain projects to launch a global tour of gaming hackathons. […]

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Matic Network: Bounty program for ETH India

Hey folks! Matic Network will be participating in ETH India’s second edition from August 2nd — 4th! And as it’s happening in our backyard Bangalore — India, we couldn’t be more excited! Having seen the amazing hacks last year at the event we are excited for this upcoming edition of the ETH India! The community […]

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Matic at India Dapp Fest Conference 2019 — Matic Network Blog

Nations around the world are relentlessly building towards the decentralized movement, and India is no exception. In Bengaluru, Matic Network had the opportunity to sponsor the India Dapp Fest Conference 2019 from June 11th-15th (which included [email protected] Hackathon from June 11th-13th) comprised of developers, technologists, cypherpunks, coders, crypto-economists, & designers. The conference served as an […]

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Matic integrates with Chainlink!

Matic Network integrates with Chainlink to enable decentralised oracles on its Layer 2 Plasma-fied sidechain network Decentralised applications often need access to real-world data such as prices, contract information, third-party data, web APIs and various other data feeds. Oracles represent critical pieces of infrastructure because they will provide real-world input that triggers irreversible smart-contracts settlements. […]

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Understanding Ethereum Scaling — Categorizing projects by approach adopted — Siddhartha Jain

How is Matic Network different from other scaling solutions? A question that we get asked frequently — Which scaling approach does Matic Network follow & how is it different from other projects & approaches? Just like Mourinho said -” I’m not one from the bottle, I’m a Special One!” XD There are a lot of scaling solutions currently in […]

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DAI on Plasma: Stability & Scale — Siddhartha Jain

Cryptocurrencies are still in their infancy. While they offer a way to transfer value without censorship or third party interference, but it is far from simple when compared to the alternatives available via fiat. No business wants to be paid with a currency that is worth $10 today and then be worth $8 the next […]

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