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DAI on Plasma: Stability & Scale — Siddhartha Jain

Cryptocurrencies are still in their infancy. While they offer a way to transfer value without censorship or third party interference, but it is far from simple when compared to the alternatives available via fiat. No business wants to be paid with a currency that is worth $10 today and then be worth $8 the next […]

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Matic Network — Project Update (Technical) #2

Nirbhik Jangid We have been busy building the core components of Matic Network and are excited to share the progress that we have made to make scaling a reality. Taking off from our previous update, below is a brief introduction to our network architecture: ICYMI — Matic Network — Technical Update #1 Technically, any EVM smart contract is deployable […]

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Step towards #DeFi : Tokenized Proof of Stake (PoS) validator slots

Photo by Carl Raw on Unsplash Siddhartha Jain: Matic’s PoS validators will be tokenized to enable faster access to liquidity and easier transfers of staking slots. What problem are we trying to solve? In the existing Proof of Stake implementations a network participant — the staker, needs to bond/lock his tokens to earn the right to earn block/network rewards in terms […]

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Dagger — The road ahead! — Anurag Arjun

We are very happy to announce that we have now added Ropsten testnet support for Dagger! (already available on Mainnet and Kovan) Dagger provides a way for your DApps and backend applications to get Ethereum blockchain events, like transactions, receipts and logs in realtime. Dagger’s push notifications are far better than polling for events via web3 and […]

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What is Matic Network?

Matic Network provides scalable, secure and instant Ethereum transactions using Plasma side chains and a Proof-of-Stake network. This article will be keep getting updated, and is meant to provide a holistic overview of Matic Network for readers, both old and new to Matic. Blockchain Smart contract platforms and cryptocurrencies have captured mass attention but still […]

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Matic Network — Marketing Updates #1

At Matic Network, we have been busy the last few months on building the core platform. Matic provides scalable, secure and instant transactions using Plasma-based sidechains. In short, it allows anyone to create scalable dApps with Ethereum’s security. Here is a link to our Medium blog on what is Matic Network and the technical architecture: […]

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