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Meet the Winners of Polygon @ The Pit Accelerator

Polygon @ The Pit accelerator in partnership with Jump Crypto concluded its two-week program in Singapore after bringing together the best builders creating the future of Web3. In the grand finale, 28 teams dove into the pit. And while only a handful received cash prizes, everyone emerged a winner as a result.    Let’s meet the […]

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Polygon Ecosystem Update, January 2023: Nat Geo, K-Pop and NFT Rewards

Just one month in and 2023 is already shaping up to be an amazing year for the Polygon ecosystem. With so much going on, it’s easy to miss some of the exciting projects going live. So we wanted to highlight a few that are bringing new communities into Web3, developing valuable tools and exploring new […]

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Bollywood NFTs Are Coming to Polygon With Shemaroo’s Web3 Debut

Shemaroo, India’s leading media and entertainment company, is teaming up with Polygon Labs to launch its NFT marketplace exclusively on the Polygon network.  At launch, the marketplace will list NFTs from iconic Bollywood films, such as images, movie clips and 3D, metaverse-ready avatars. Owners will be able to take their favorite Bollywood characters into […]

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Rethinking Play-to-Earn: What Comes After Crypto Cats, NFT Shoes and Overpriced Monsters

Ever since the first Pong ball went skittering across the screen more than 50 years ago, video games have steadily expanded their cultural impact. Introduction of the free-to-play model has dramatically expanded the playing audience across ages and genders, addressing the long-standing criticism of games as a medium for childish toys and adolescent power fantasies. […]

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Mint Trash NFTs and Save the Ocean in WWF’s Metaverse on Polygon

You’re on the beach, waves lapping gently at your feet as seabirds circle overhead. A few other people are ambling nearby, observing the ocean. With music playing, the experience is deeply calming.  And then you hear it, the song of a whale–a whale made of trash.  Welcome to SaveYour.World, a collaborative metaverse by WWF Deutschland […]

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Introduction To ReFi: Building A More Sustainable Future With Polygon

The planet faces a number of existential environmental crises, from global warming and mass extinction to the widespread devastation of critical, life-sustaining ecosystems. Attempts at fixing the problems have come from different angles, like social mobilization, economic incentives, and technological solutions. These approaches in isolation have so far fallen short because we are dealing with […]

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