Moralis Launches Polygon Mobile SDK to Supercharge DApp Development

Moralis, the Web3 development platform, is launching the Polygon Mobile SDK to let developers leverage the leading scaling solution for Ethereum in their projects. 

This SDK uses React Native to make mobile Polygon development easier than ever. Developers will be able to create great mobile Polygon apps with Moralis and get access to all other Moralis features right out of the box.

Mobile applications in the cryptocurrency industry are still in their infancy, but you can already build native mobile apps with ease using React Native. In fact, Moralis reduces the average development time for developers by 87%. In this post, we will walk you through the steps of building a mobile app that fetches balances, NFTs, ERC20 transactions, and native transactions using Moralis Polygon Mobile SDK.

  • First, fork this Ethereum React Native Boilerplate. This repo works with any EVM system. 
  • Copy the HTTPS URL from the boilerplate GitHub and clone the repository.
  • Enter git clone and paste the URL, and you’ll get the full repository. 
  • Open it and make sure to rename the ENV file from “.env.example” to simply “.env” and add the properties, such as the application ID and the server URL. You can easily find these in the Moralis Admin panel. 
  • Go to Moralis’ website and create your own Polygon server through Moralis. This means you’ll get easy access to Moralis backend infrastructure, database, real-time syncing, and much more.
  • If you want to learn more about Moralis’ servers, be sure to check out the official Moralis documentation.
  • Once you’ve cloned the repository, you can also add an NFT tab to it. 
  • As soon as your Polygon server is initialized, simply copy and paste the relevant application ID and server URL. 
  • Make sure to enter “yarn install” to fetch all the necessary node packages for your application. 
  • Once you’ve downloaded all the node packages, you can write “yarn ios” to start the application on your emulator. 
  • If you’d rather run this on your physical iOS device, you can open Xcode and build the app on your device there.

You can find more details in the video below:

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About Moralis

Moralis is the leading Web3 development platform that provides a plug-and-play blockchain infrastructure backend. The backend infrastructure is both fully managed, and infinitely scalable. Moralis allows developers to create dApps, DeFi projects, or Web3 apps in minutes or hours, rather than weeks or months. Check out their documentation, GitHub page and forum, get in touch on Discord, browse more tutorials on YouTube, and follow them on Twitter.

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