Matic Network at ETHIndia 2019: Full Recap — Blog

We have had an incredible experience supporting the second-ever ETHIndia hackathon, it was a huge success! The three-day event took place in Bangalore and was filled with engaging workshops, insightful talks and, of course, a ton of #BUIDLing! Some of the Ethereum ecosystem’s most talented #BUIDLers were in attendance; the talent displayed was incredibly humbling. With so much having taken place, let’s dive into a run-down of the momentous event!

Day 1: Opening Ceremony, Introductions & Workshops Galore

Following check-in and the Grand Opening Ceremony which officially marked the beginning of ETHIndia 2019, Day 1 saw attendees gain insights from some of the Indian blockchain industry’s brightest minds speaking at the event and take part in multiple workshops hosted by the Matic Network team!

Matic’s CEO, JD Kanani provided insights on Matic’s journey thus far, before our very own Blockchain Engineer Arpit Agarwal and Platform Engineer Sayli Patil demonstrated to attendees how to get started with Solidity and how to build a Dapp from scratch on Ethereum.

Talks & workshops by Matic team — Jaynti Kanani, Arpit Agarwal & Sayli Patil

Before the final set of Day 1 workshops, Vitalik himself joined the event via live stream to connect with the audience for a Q&A session and to share his insights on scaling, Ethereum 2.0 & promising blockchain use cases.

After attendees were given a chance to form and register their teams, hacking officially began at 10:00 PM IST. The countdown was then on for the teams to get #BUIDLing. We were honored by the overwhelming number of projects who decided to build their solutions on top of Matic Network.

Talk by the Etherum founder Vitalik Buterin & the hacking begins!

Day 2: Hacking, Bangalore Blockchain Meetup & More Workshops

Day 2 saw the Bangalore Blockchain Meetup also take place, with Matic’s CEO JD Kanani sharing his insights on how Matic Network’s technology is impacting the world of blockchain and increasing adoption of decentralized finance (DeFi) globally.

A set of insightful workshops hosted by Alexander Praetorius and Nina Breznik from Ethereum Foundation, Justin Myles Holmes of NuCypher and Eylon Aviv of DAOstack rounded off the day’s scheduled workshops. The teams were then left to continue hacking!

Jaynti giving a talk — Bangalore Blockchain Meetup at ETHIndia alongside AaveAztec Protoco & Kyber Network

Hacking was in full swing by the time the second day commenced, with the teams tirelessly working against the clock to get their solutions up and running throughout the day. By 11:40 PM IST, the hackers were still going strong and showing no signs of slowing down!

Hacking underway at ETHIndia!

Day 3: Hacking Conclusion, Winner Announcements & Closing Ceremony

Day 3 signaled judgment day, with hacking officially concluding at 10:00 AM IST. Deserving projects were chosen, based on their idea and execution, to win Matic Network’s Bounty rewards, and others were chosen as overall winners of ETHIndia 2019 by the judging panel. The competition was fierce, but certain teams pipped the rest to the post for their incredible efforts.

Judging starts!

Congratulations to the winners of the Matic Network Bounty, each of which are to be awarded $1000 of MATIC tokens for their incredible ideas and excellent execution:

Eezeetzee — Confidential Loans
HankitLikeMtgox — Community Story Telling
Maticgram — Monetizing Instagram Posts

After demos conducted by the winning teams took place, the Closing Ceremony officially marked the end to ETHIndia 2019.

Matic Network’s ETHIndia DevLounge

Hackathons are thirsty work. Throughout the event, hackers flooded into Matic Network’s 24/7 DevLounge to relax, enjoy refreshing beverages & make payments using MakerDAO’s DAI via the Incento app. Incento is a recipient of support from Matic’s Developer Support Program, born at last year’s ETHIndia hackathon. We were thrilled to see REAL adoption of decentralized finance in action taking place on Matic Network.

ETHIndia participants were also able to take advantage of a fast track application process to Binance Labs for the incubation of their early stage startups, exclusively at the Matic DevLounge!

The End of ETHIndia 2019 but the Beginning of India’s Decentralized Revolution

We’d like to extend a huge thank you to all of the attendees, volunteers and the other organizers for making ETHIndia 2019 such a momentous event and an incredible success. The level of talent from each and every team was astounding, and we’re thrilled that the teams overwhelmingly chose to build their solutions on top of Matic Network.

It’s clear that India is positioned to become a leading hub of blockchain innovation, and we’re honoured to be playing a prominent role in India’s decentralized movement.

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