Chainstack launches support for Polygon, making it radically simple to build business-ready applications that scale.

TL;DR Chainstack, leading blockchain managed services platform, today officially launches support of Polygon, making it easy for developers, Web3 projects, and the enterprise world to build reliable and high-performing applications. This will include Polygon PoS mainnet and Mumbai testnet for shared and dedicated nodes, as well as instant access to archive data.

Find more information about the announcement from Chainstack here

We are thrilled to announce that, starting today, Chainstack is adding support of Polygon on its platform. After the partnership announcement in March 2021 which was closely followed by the release of Chainstack’s high performing RPC endpoints and a brand new Polygon explorer, the fast-growing Polygon ecosystem will have a powerful new option to deploy, manage and scale their infrastructure.

With an average cost per transaction of just $0.00037 at present, Polygon cut costs for the users trading and for the developers wanting to build more sustainable and scalable applications. This is particularly urgent now that Ethereum transaction costs keep hitting all-time highs, making DeFi less accessible and scalable.

Chainstack makes running a blockchain node radically simple so that developers can focus on building their applications instead of worrying about node availability, costly maintenance, and upgrades. Thanks to the most competitive price in the market, Chainstack makes running Polygon’s scalable Ethereum platform even more accessible and scalable.

Reliable mainnet and testnet infrastructure

Chainstack makes sure developers get access to robust and scalable infrastructure, ready in a matter of minutes, taking away the burden of managing it so that teams can instantly focus on building, trading, and exploring data on the Polygon commit chain.

Start fast with shared nodes

Shared Polygon nodes provide personal, geographically diverse, and protected API endpoints so that developers can immediately start interacting with Polygon networks. On top of that, they enjoy near-instant deployment and multiple hosting locations, spread globally.

Polygon archive data starting at just $49

Polygon teams will be able to access Polygon archive nodes to query the entire history of the mainnet — starting at just $49 per month. With Chainstack’s patented Bolt fast sync technology, they can deploy a dedicated archive node in minutes instead of months.

Dedicated nodes for dedicated users

Backed by an expert support team, Chainstack’s dedicated nodes are the go-to solution for request-intensive workloads on the Polygon network. Perfect for traders, DeFi projects, and all builders ready to scale their applications.

· Bolt-powered deployment

· Extended API namespaces: debug and txpool

· GraphQL API available

· Host it with us or keep it in your cloud

· Pay per hour of use

Chainstack Marketplace

Chainstack is designed to work hand-in-hand with the Polygon ecosystem: tools, apps and services that you use every day to build your applications or amplify returns. With the Chainstack marketplace, you can add advanced capabilities to any Polygon infrastructure with applications, developer tools, and services available on Chainstack Marketplace like Hardhat, The Graph, and IPFS.

Known for its top-notch engineering support, Chainstack works closely with developers and the Polygon community to ensure seamless integration of developer tools and applications looking forward to onboard more tools specifically built for the Polygon ecosystem.

Accelerating Polygon’s ecosystem growth

Polygon is a protocol and a framework for building and connecting Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks. Aggregating scalable solutions on Ethereum supporting a multi-chain Ethereum ecosystem, Polygon solves the pain points associated with blockchains, without compromising on security, low transaction fees, and transaction speed.

Chainstack’s new offering will help developers build applications on reliable infrastructure engineered for scale in the easiest way possible on all the major public cloud providers (Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform) and geographies.

With probably the fastest growing ecosystem in the industry right now, Polygon projects will now be able to easily get access to Polygon APIs and deploy their own nodes in minutes, thereby reducing the costs associated with blockchain infrastructure and the time to market of the projects.

“Having gained wide adoption within the Web3 community, the Polygon ecosystem is growing fast. Chainstack is a highly accessible and secure platform that helps businesses incorporate layer two solutions, boosting Ethereum’s transaction capacity,” says Eugene Aseev, Founder and CTO of Chainstack. “Polygon’s community has now a trusted ally in Chainstack to help power-up experimentation, adoption, and scalability.”

Why Polygon on Chainstack is an amazing new choice?

“The rapid adoption of Polygon has resulted in the need for strong infrastructure that can support the high-throughput on-chain transactions from 300+ DApps on Polygon. We are pleased to collaborate with Chainstack to make the blockchain experience seamless for users and developers.”

Sandeep Nailwal, Co-Founder and COO, Polygon

A limited-time promotion

As welcome offer to the Polygon community, Chainstack is offering a jaw-dropping promotion to get everyone started with the right level of support:

· Ideal for starting with Polygon, get free Growth plan subscription for 3 months, plus $100 in shared node requests credits.

· Ideal for request-intensive use, get free Business plan for 3 months, plus $100 in dedicated node usage credits.

Already offering the most competitive price for high-performing managed services for Ethereum, with Chainstack Polygon users can significantly optimize their costs — with every $ paid for subscription or extra requests you get 3–4 times more requests, as compared to other providers: 420'000 requests/$ on Chainstack Growth vs 120'000 requests/$ on Infura Developer or 202’000 requests/$ on QuikNode Pro plan.

Snapshot of Polygon's growing ecosystem

Having gained wide adoption within the Web3 community, the Polygon ecosystem is growing fast. Learn about the 300+ projects now on Polygon divided into a broad range of categories, with the help of these maps created by the Chainstack team.

Power boosting Polygon builders

The addition of Polygon protocol on Chainstack will mark a new frontier in Web3 deployment, offering enterprise-grade infrastructure support and flexible hosting options to one of the fastest Ethereum scaling solutions in the industry. To access a time-limited promotion and learn more about Polygon on Chainstack click here

Ready to try Polygon on Chainstack?

· Explore more about using Polygon on Chainstack here.

· To start building on Polygon, follow our ERC-20 bridging tutorial

· Sign up for a free Developer account, or explore the options offered by Growth or Business plans here.

· Take a look at our pricing tiers using a handy calculator to estimate usage and number of nodes.

Have you already explored what you can achieve with Chainstack? Get started for free today.

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