Polygon ZK Roundup: Q3 2022

There have been several leaps in the zero-knowledge (ZK) space over the last five months, not least of which was Polygon’s rollout of a benchmarking ZK product. In our continuing series on the state of ZK, we look behind the bunting to bring you a recap of what Polygon’s ZK teams have been up to […]

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Your Three-Step Guide to Using Polygon zkEVM—Yes, It’s That Easy

Last week, Polygon announced the public testnet release of Polygon zkEVM, a benchmarking Zero Knowledge rollup. Polygon zkEVM is the first such L2 scalability solution with completely source-available code  and equivalence with the Ethereum Virtual Machine. You can already watch in real time as transactions are processed on the public testnet. This is a pivotal […]

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Polygon zkEVM Public Testnet: The Next Chapter for Ethereum

Ever since we first unveiled Polygon, we have been constantly inspired by Ethereum and its values. We are grateful for all the support and feedback that we have received from the Ethereum community so far, it helped us evolve the project while not losing focus on our goals and vision. To continue in the same […]

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What Is a zkEVM?

Zero-knowledge (ZK) tech is one of the most prominent and promising paths to scaling Ethereum. One popular use of ZK proofs to scale Ethereum is what’s known as a zkEVM (zero-knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine). So what is a zkEVM, and how does it help us make Ethereum cheaper and more efficient to use? Understanding the […]

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ZK White Paper: Efficient ZK Proofs for Keccak

As part of our ongoing efforts to inform the Ethereum community about the efforts of Polygon’s zero-knowledge (ZK) teams, we will be posting a series of technical papers by our engineers and researchers. We hope that everyone who’s interested in the inner workings of Polygon’s ZK projects, Ethereum itself, and cryptographic engineering in general will […]

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PIL ZK Tooling is Now Open-Source

Polygon’s zero-knowledge (ZK) tech teams have recently unveiled the cutting-edge Polygon zkEVM, as well as open-source licensing for the revolutionary Plonky2 proving system. We are excited to announce yet another milestone: open-source licensing for our PIL toolkit.  We will be licensing the PIL toolkit jointly under the Apache2 and MIT licenses. Developers around the world […]

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