SpringRole Scales Professional Network Protocol on Matic’s Sidechains

As more industries pivot towards blockchain adoption, one enterprise-level application of blockchain technology may have a monumental impact on corporate recruitment. The job market is experiencing a changing dynamic where it’s no longer a one-way street of applicants seeking employment. According to MRINetwork, the current job market is 90% candidate-driven. Employers now target their postings […]

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Developer details for α-Mainnet!

Matic Network is a decentralized platform using an adapted version of the Plasma framework to provide a solution for faster and extremely low-cost transactions. The Alpha-Mainnet is Matic Network’s sidechain working on the top of Ethereum Mainnet. The developers can build and test their full end to end applications with this alpha-mainnet. This is a […]

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Matic integrates with Chainlink!

Matic Network integrates with Chainlink to enable decentralised oracles on its Layer 2 Plasma-fied sidechain network Decentralised applications often need access to real-world data such as prices, contract information, third-party data, web APIs and various other data feeds. Oracles represent critical pieces of infrastructure because they will provide real-world input that triggers irreversible smart-contracts settlements. […]

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Matic’s Final Testnet launch & Preparations for Alpha-Mainnet launch ahead of schedule!

The Matic team is proud to announce the launch of its final version of the Matic Network Testnet to complete the final round of internal testing before the much-awaited launch of Matic’s alpha-Mainnet this month. The team has been building and testing the code diligently and now would like to present it to the developer […]

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Matic Network Github Activities — Siddhartha Jain

Matic Network has its Codebase distributed on both public & private repositories on Github. We have a total of 45 repos of which 27 are private and 18 are publicly available. You can take a look at our public repositories here :Matic NetworkMatic Network has 18 repositories available. Follow their code on GitHub. Matic Network aims […]

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Finer details of Matic’s Plasma Implementation — Jaynti Kanani

What is Plasma?Plasma is a framework for building scalable decentralized applications. It was proposed by Vitalik Buterin and Joseph Poon to tackle Ethereum’s scaling needs. There are many different flavors of Plasma, namely — MVP(Minimum Viable Plasma), MoreVP, Cash etc. This post aims to provide an overview about Matic’s Plasma implementation. Why is Plasma needed?Current blockchain systems […]

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