Mainnet is Going Live! Announcing the Launch Sequence — Matic Network

Matic Network is a blockchain application platform that provides developers with the ability to deploy applications with faster and cheaper transactions while still maintaining a high level of security, by utilizing a novel combination of hybrid Proof-of-Stake and Plasma-enabled sidechains. Architecturally, the beauty of Matic is its elegant design, which features a generic validation layer […]

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Announcing Counter Stake Stage 2 ‘The Grand Staking League’ Full Details

Counter Stake is Matic's experimental testing event for everyone wishing to participate in the Matic network, by validating, testing the network's limitations and earning mainnet MATIC tokens by showcasing technical skills. Counter Stake allows one to compete with other validators on our testnet and earn rewards. Counter Stake is Matic's experimental testing event for everyone wishing […]

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Counter Stake Stage 1 is Complete! The Final Stage Begins — Matic Network — Matic Network

We’re delighted to have reached another huge milestone on our development journey approaching mainnet launch — the completion of Stage 1 of our Counter Stake incentivised testnet initiative! The network has now been comprehensively tested and the latest iteration of our Counter Stake testnet (CS-2006) has been running perfectly for over two weeks — in short, Stage 1 has […]

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Counter Stake Weekly Update #4 — Matic Network

TL;DR: The Matic team has achieved Code-Complete on all the three major components of the mainnet. Developer & Validator tool developments are also complete. We’ve been hard at work to achieve the final mainnet launch within Q1. However we are facing greater than anticipated time requirements in the coordination of work required with the 75+ (out of 100+ […]

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Explaining Plasma and Rollups: Advantages & Limitations — Matic Network

Throughout the last 2+ years, the ecosystem has been actively looking at various ways and means to help scale decentralised applications, especially on Ethereum. A variety of teams have been involved in this collaborative process, and it has been wonderful to see progress on many fronts. The need for scaling has been acutely felt with […]

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Counter Stake Stage 1: ‘Stake on the Beach’ Full Details — Matic Network

Stage 0 of Matic Counter Stake ( was an eventful stage for us. We received an overwhelming response in terms of registrations and setups. We couldn’t be more thankful to all the people that made the event a success. We have been working tirelessly to make sure the next stages of Counter Stake are a success. As promised, […]

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