Matic Network’s first Technical AMA summary — Delroy Bosco

Dear Community, Thanks all for participating in our Telegram group’s first AMA. We really appreciate all your support. There were really good and thoughtful questions that were asked. For those who missed our AMA, this blog post is for you ? AMA Starts now!Q. Can you tell me more about how you’re using Plasma to […]

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DEX on Matic Network with 0x

By Anurag Arjun An important use case for Matic Network will be transactions on decentralized exchanges — that will be enabled in a future release of Matic. Here is how Matic Network will work with the 0x protocol to enable instant, decentralized and low-cost trades. Decentralized exchanges Decentralized exchanges are the next important progression from the current centralized system of exchanges. […]

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Beginner-friendly tutorial to Matic.js

By Delroy Bosco This tutorial will act as a guide for a step-by-step process to understand and use Matic JS, which is the easiest way to interact with the Matic Network. This guide is directed towards developers starting their Ethereum journey. If you want to dive right in, feel free to skim through the article or […]

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Ethereum in real-time: Dagger — Simple engine to get Ethereum transactions, receipts and events in real-time

Somedays ago, someone sent random transaction to Parity Wallet and accidentally locked funds. No one knew about it until that person informed the team on Github. Currently there is no way to receive transaction (filtered) events from Ethereum and process them. Etherscan sends you an email whenever anyone deposits to your accounts. But we need more ways to […]

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