Another top project building on Matic Network to use Matic token for their private sale!

BetProcotol is the latest project building on Ethereum & Matic Network to use Matic token for their private sale. The proceeds of the sale to be used for community scholarship initiatives of BetProtocol to promote building on BEPRO & Matic Network. TL;DR- Private sale for $BEPRO tokens in $MATIC tokens- Tokens offered at 20% discount from […]

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Foundation Token Movement Accounting!

We want to strongly state that the allegations of token movement from our Foundation account, made by a FUD account against Matic team are completely baseless. Even Binance confirmed it:
We already announced that there will be a release of ~2.5% (248mn) tokens as communicated in our post which coincides with the net outward movement.

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Counter Stake is Here! — Getting Ready to Run Validator Nodes on the Matic Testnet

We have been working hard on enabling the Proof-of-Stake layer on Matic Network, and today we are launching our public incentivized staking testnet event Counter Stake. Yippee! ? We had previously released the details of our Staking economics and updates here — and here — You can register for Counter stake here — Stage 0 will officially start now. You can start with setting up […]

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Matic Network Staking Update and Becoming a Validator

We recently announced our staking economics with this blog post here. We have been constantly working on improving our staking approach and this note highlights some important updates. To reiterate, 1.2 billion Matic tokens (12% of our total supply) are allocated towards staking rewards. During the initial years of Matic Network’s full launch, we’ve decided upon […]

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Matic β-Mainnet is here! — Nirbhik Jangid

We feel incredibly excited to announce the release of the Matic β-mainnet today. Yay! After months of hard work, the entire Matic Network team is releasing the 2nd iteration of the Matic mainnet (after the α-mainnet in June 2019). Matic Network is a Layer 2 blockchain platform using the Plasma framework and a decentralized set of […]

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Heimdall and Bor

Matic is a hybrid Plasma + Proof-of-Stake (PoS) platform. We use a dual-consensus architecture on the Matic Network to optimise for speed and decentralisation. We consciously architected the system to support arbitrary state transitions on our sidechains, which are EVM-enabled Plasma security guarantees hold for specific state transitions such as the ones we write Plasma […]

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