Hardfork Incoming: Upgrading Polygon PoS Chain to Boost Performance

When the Polygon PoS chain first launched, it offered a much-needed solution for Ethereum’s scaling issues. It gave users and developers alike everything they love about Ethereum, but with faster throughput and lower fees. Now, with tens of thousands of decentralized apps, over 207 million unique addresses, more than 2.3 billion processed transactions, and a […]

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Enhancing Network Decentralization and Integrity With Validator Performance Framework

Validators are network participants who lock up native tokens in the system and operate block producer nodes in order to help run the network. Enhancing their ability to self-regulate network participation is a key aspect of furthering decentralization. The community is taking an important step toward that goal by providing a framework for understanding how […]

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Innovating the Main Chain: a Polygon PoS Study in Parallelization

The Polygon Proof-of-Stake (Polygon PoS) chain has become a major destination for Web3 projects, users, and enterprises since it launched in 2020, thanks to the chain's ability to deliver lower gas fees and higher transaction speeds.  Now researchers of Polygon PoS are excited to announce an innovation that will make the Polygon PoS chain up […]

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Ready Player One: Introducing Polygon Wallet Suite Quest

In the realm of cryptocurrency, it can be challenging for both novice and seasoned users to make sense of the various concepts and methods. That’s why intuitive user interfaces and well-designed onboarding experiences are essential for helping people get up to speed and effectively navigate the ecosystem. We're excited to introduce Quest, a Play-2-Earn gamification […]

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What Does Ethereum’s Transition to Proof of Stake Mean for Polygon?

With Ethereum’s switch to proof of stake (PoS) slated for mid-September, we thought it would be appropriate to take a moment and look around, to admire how far Web3 has come. Now is a time to celebrate the builders and dreamers who’ve worked relentlessly on the margins to summon a more open, decentralized, and equitable […]

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ZK and the Future of Ethereum Scaling

Arbitrum recently released a great post arguing that Optimistic Rollups (OR) represent the future of Ethereum, since they offer inherent scalability and cost advantages over ZK Rollups (ZKR). Their piece is well-written and worth reading. In the spirit of friendly debate, we’d like to present a different perspective. Polygon has committed $1 billion to ZK […]

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