Polygon PoS in Numbers : 23rd-29th August

Part 1: Polygon PoS engagement growth This week resumes Polygon’s DAU growth, breaking past the 150k DAU milestone! Even more impressively, Polygon has made large moves relative to both Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. Today, Polygon has 32.76% of Ethereum’s daily active user base, and 15.72% of Binance Smart Chain’s. As with last week’s analysis, […]

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Polygon PoS in Numbers : 16th-22nd August

Part 1: Polygon PoS engagement growth Last week, daily active users (DAU) dropped for the first time in almost two months (-6.67%). This week user growth stabilized, dropping only -0.68%. Despite the drop, this week was the fourth highest on record. As of 8/25/2021, Polygon has 29.14% of Ethereum’s DAU, and 15.18% of Binance Smart […]

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Polygon PoS in Numbers : 9th-15th August

Polygon proof of stake (POS) continues active user growth for the 6th consecutive week. Week 32 highlights 157,000+ DAU (avg.) 4.7mm transactions/day (avg.) $22k/day revenuens (avg.) Part 1: Polygon POS engagement growth This week Polygon POS continues its incredible run of active user growth. From the start of our dataset in week week 15, Polygon […]

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