PolygonInsights - WEEK29

Hola readers! It was a wholesome week for us! We announced the launch of Polygon zkEVM, CoinLedger, one of the leading tax reporting platforms, announced Polygon integration, and Enterprise Ethereum platform Kaleido is teaming up with Polygon.   Let’s dive in.  Key takeaways:  The userbase (842k, +3%) continues to grow at a steady pace, accompanied by […]

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PolygonInsights - WEEK28

Hola readers! Polygon has been invited to Disney’s accelerator program, Huddln has launched Social-to-earn, and Polygon partners with Nothing to bring web3 to smartphone users.  Let’s dive in.  Key takeaways:  Weekly avg txn/address (23, +3%)  grew for the third consecutive week accompanied by an increase in Weekly active users (819k, +3%) and txn/day (2.72 Mn, […]

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PolygonInsights - WEEK27

Hola readers! Coca-Cola will release a Pride series NFT collection on Polygon, Reddit announces an NFT marketplace on Polygon, and Ripio, one of the most important cryptocurrency platforms in Latin America, is building a Polygon Supernet.  Let’s dive in.  Key takeaways:  The cost/transaction reduced by 10%, reaching $0.009.  Kyberswap (28k, +60%), PlanetIX (23k, +17%), and […]

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PolygonInsights - WEEK26

Hola readers! Facebook begins testing Ethereum and Polygon NFTs on profiles, Polygon Avail launches on Testnet, and Plutus signs an agreement with polygon Studios to co-develop a solution that enables high-speed and low-fee transactions. Let’s dive in.  Key takeaways:  Karmaverse (7k, +17%), Good Ghosting (6.1k, +361%) and Slingshot (5.5k) entered the Top 20 performing dApps. […]

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PolygonInsights - WEEK25

Hola readers! Bulgari teamed up with Polygon Studios and others to launch a collection of digital jewellery on Polygon, Coinbase now supports deposits and withdrawals on Polygon mainnet, and Bentley’s first venture into the NFT marketplace will be on the Polygon network.  Let’s dive in.  Key takeaways:  The network activity never fails to surprise - […]

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PolygonInsights - WEEK24

Hola readers! Polygon launches the 2nd edition of #BUIDLIT - one of the biggest web3 hackathons and three new game titles are coming to Polygon - PlayWildcard, Playmetalcore, and Derby Stars.  Let’s dive in.  Key takeaways:  Uniswap V3’s volume continues to grow for the third consecutive week, reaching $814.25 Mn. Cafeswap (3.1kk, +89%) and BitKeep […]

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