PolygonInsights - WEEK14

Hola readers! Polygon is pledging $20 Mn to offset its carbon dioxide emissions, Polygon DAO announced the launch of PolygonVillage- A full-stack ecosystem for devs to Buidl and Grow, MATIC is now listed on Robinhood, and Luxury brand Bulgari will launch their NFT collection on Polygon. Let’s dive in.  Key takeaways:  This week, Polygon PoS […]

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PolygonInsights - WEEK13

Hola readers! The Polygon PoS bridge continues to retain its position as a Top 5 dApp on Ethereum by user count, global sporting giant ESPN enters the web3 space with a NFT drop in collaboration with the legendary Tom Brady exclusively on Polygon, and we announced a one-of-a-kind Liquidity Mining campaign with multiple KPIs as […]

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PolygonInsights - WEEK12

Hola readers! Polygon PoS bridge was the 2nd most used in the past week, MAC Cosmetics released Keith Haring Polygon NFTs, the PoS chain reached 1Bn+ transactions, and Polygon Ecosystem DAO and Dune Analytics introduced a special analytics bounty on Layer3.  Let’s dive in.  Key takeaways:  This week, Polygon PoS has grown its daily userbase […]

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PolygonInsights - WEEK11

Hola readers! In the past week, Rarible added support for Polygon NFTs, Universe Finance’s lending and leveraged vaults are launching on Polygon, and Hypernet is now #poweredbyPolygon.  Let’s dive in.  Key takeaways: Daily active addresses increased for the third consecutive week, breaking the 400k milestone for the 5th  time. Many DeFi dApps are seeing huge […]

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PolygonInsights - WEEK10

Hola readers! Safe to say that the past week was dedicated to NFTs. Here it goes -> NFTs for the social media platform of Adobe’s Behance are minted on Polygon, India’s biggest e-travel company launched its own NFT collection which is powered by Polygon, and lastly, we welcomed Polysynth to our ecosystem. Let’s dive in.  […]

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Polygon PoS in Numbers

Part 1: Polygon PoS engagement growth Daily active users decreased -6.01% week over week. But the truth is Polygon usage remains near an all time high. Daily active addresses are up +116.68% in the last 28 days. For context, Polygon PoS now has 83.14% of the active addresses relative to Ethereum. And recently , Polygon […]

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