Matic Network — Project Updates #5 (Technical)

We have been keeping our heads down and building the core components of Matic Network’s infrastructure, and are excited to share details about the progress that we are making on our journey towards scaling the Ethereum ecosystem. To remind readers, we have a 3-layered architecture at Matic Network: Matic Network — Alpha-mainnet We released an […]

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Matic Network’s Guide to ERC-20 to BEP-2 Migration

With the recent announcement of our listing and integration with Binance DEX (and its main chain), Matic Network and its community members will enjoy the benefits of additional liquidity, another trading pair, and added security and autonomy over their MATIC holdings via the BEP-2 standard. By partnering with Binance DEX, we’re excited to be spearheading […]

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Matic Wallet moves to Alpha-Mainnet!

[IMPORTANT NOTE: Matic Wallet app is no longer available] Matic Wallet aims to bridge the gap between scalability issues & user experience on Ethereum. It makes it easier for users to interact with scalable DApps deployed on plasma chains on top of Ethereum. Matic Network provides scalable, secure and instant Ethereum transactions using Plasma side […]

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Matic Network at ETHIndia 2019: Full Recap — Blog

We have had an incredible experience supporting the second-ever ETHIndia hackathon, it was a huge success! The three-day event took place in Bangalore and was filled with engaging workshops, insightful talks and, of course, a ton of #BUIDLing! Some of the Ethereum ecosystem’s most talented #BUIDLers were in attendance; the talent displayed was incredibly humbling. […]

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Matic Network & Binance Labs Spearhead the Game Oasis Hackathon Initiative — Blog

Matic Network understands the importance of developer engagement in facilitating the decentralized movement — mass blockchain user adoption cannot be achieved without the participation of BUIDLers. We’re thrilled to be expanding on our existing hackathon efforts by collaborating with Binance Labs and other leading gaming blockchain projects to launch a global tour of gaming hackathons. […]

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Matic Network: Bounty program for ETH India

Hey folks! Matic Network will be participating in ETH India’s second edition from August 2nd — 4th! And as it’s happening in our backyard Bangalore — India, we couldn’t be more excited! Having seen the amazing hacks last year at the event we are excited for this upcoming edition of the ETH India! The community […]

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