Lessons Learned From Recent Outage of Polygon PoS

Earlier this month, Polygon PoS chain experienced an outage that resulted in a number of valuable lessons. After a thorough examination, the core team is ready to share its findings and explain what is being done to prevent it from happening in the future. But first, the team would like to acknowledge the disruption this […]

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Get the Right Tokens With Polygon Token Lists

As the Polygon ecosystem has grown, so have the number of ERC-20 tokens usable across the protocol, whether you’re using them in games, or DeFi apps or investing in an up and coming project. To ensure users have better access to legitimate tokens and to give token creators a way to get in front of […]

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What’s New - March 2022

We at Polygon are thankful every day for our community of developers, validators, and users that help our ecosystem grow. Today we’re sharing a few small updates to Polygon’s wallet suite that were inspired by feedback and suggestions from our community. 🔥 Mobile Burn, Matic, Burn A few weeks ago we launched the MATIC burn […]

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Web 3.0, Financial Institutions and the Path to 100,000 DApps

The world of finance has a major role to play in the Web3 story. How financial institutions choose to engage with blockchain as a technology and tokens as an asset class will significantly shape Web3’s path toward mainstream adoption. Institutional investors are already financing Web3's most important projects, from non-fungible token marketplace OpenSea to MetaMask […]

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Polygon Bolsters Validator Governance With Snapshot Voting

Polygon brings transparency to its Validator ecosystem decision-making by introducing a new Snapshot voting tool.  Snapshot is an off-chain signaling mechanism already in use among many Web3 applications, initially designed to combat high gas fees when conducting Ethereum governance.  Current Process For the PoS chain, informal governance of protocol parameters currently takes place in the […]

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Here’s Why Web2 Talent Is Flocking to Polygon

As more and more people in industries ranging from finance and technology to journalism and entertainment are choosing Web3 for the next step in their careers, Polygon has become a major destination for some of the top talent looking to build the next iteration of the Internet. Technology investor Chris Dixon once observed that what […]

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