Automata Launch Support for Polygon & Bring Off-chain governance & MEV solution to Polygon

29th June - We’re excited to announce that a decentralized service protocol, Automata network, is launching on Polygon. Automata announced the integration of its off-chain anonymous voting solution, Witness, and MEV solution, Conveyor on Polygon. Launched in 2021, Automata Network is a decentralized service protocol that enables DApps to achieve privacy, high assurance, and frictionless […]

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Dune Analytics, the community-driven analytics platform for Ethereum integrates Polygon for rich data analytics!

Dune Analytics has integrated Polygon Blockchain data, for rich insights into the vibrant DeFi, NFT, and Gaming ecosystem on Polygon. Dune Analytics is an analytics platform for the community that allows anyone to instantly create and share analysis of public blockchain data. All via human-readable data tables that can be queried with SQL. The launch of […]

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Pickle.Finance launches on Polygon

28th June — We are excited to announce that the yield aggregator, Pickle Finance, is launching on Polygon. Pickle Finance consists of Pickle Jars and Pickle Farms. The Jars compound the user’s returns from other protocols while the Farms provide the user with Pickle emissions for staking their Jar tokens. There are multiple Farms hosted on Pickle. […]

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Arche Network is bringing its customized financial contract platform to Polygon!

We’re excited to welcome the Arche network’s financial contracts platform to Polygon, an Ethereum scaling solution. Arche Network allows users to create customized financial contracts on the blockchain without any prior experience in coding. By launching its platform on Polygon, Arche Network aims to bring the benefits such as low gas fees, faster transactions, and […]

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Polygon Supports the Eth Odyssey Hackathon with $5k in Bounties!

The highly anticipated ETHIndia Online hackathon series, EthOdyssey, is right around the corner! We’re proud to be accelerating the Ethereum ecosystem’s growth by supporting this hackathon with our longstanding hackathon partner Devfolio. With 5000$ in miMatic (the first Polygon-native stablecoin) for winners, EthOdyssey is going to get a lot more exciting for developers! The month-long virtual […]

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We are excited to announce that the single-asset mining aggregator,, is live on Polygon. Unlike traditional liquidity mining protocols, allows users to deposit a single asset to reap higher yield benefits by focusing on the pools with higher returns. It absorbs the risk of impermanent loss and strategy selection from its users with […]

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