Back to School With Polygon

Fall is here. Do you feel it? The changing season promises new beginnings, fresh experiences, and opportunities to learn and grow. 

Polygon is excited about the new school year. There will be a spate of Web3, student-centered events in the coming months, including initiatives mapped out by Polygon. 

Polygon’s university team has already been doing a lot of work. Last school year and over the summer, education initiatives spanned colleges and universities across the United States. Sights have been set on the rest of the world beginning this fall. 

Here’s a brief rundown of what we accomplished this past year:

  • Hosted 47 workshops at dozens of universities with over 1385 students in attendance;
  • Spoke at 19 major events and conferences with over 6740 students in attendance;
  • Supported and educated student-led initiatives by EduDAO (and others), including in hackathons, houses, and events in Decentraland.
  • Sponsored Stanford University Health Hack, PennApps, and Columbia University LionHack, among others.
  • Core team showed up to educate university audiences, including at Penn Blockchain’s Annual Blockchain Conference.

Those initiatives will expand to institutions of higher education across the world this coming academic year.

In that spirit, Polygon is thinking about how to best support students, who are the builders of the future. Web3 is for everyone, but especially young developers who are actively working to make a new, more equitable web where they can own more of the value they create. Building on the environmentally-friendly Polygon network and leveraging fast and cheap transactions, a new generation can unlock a better future.

So here’s a sneak peak of what’s coming up. The university team will be on the front line of helping educate a new crop of visionary builders at the following events, among others: 

  • Columbia University Blockchain Conference, LedgerFest (Sept. 23)
  • UC Berkeley, CalHack (Oct. 14-16) 
  • EasyA (Oct. 22), London, U.K. Student-oriented hackathon run by alumni of University of Pennsylvania and Cambridge University. 

This is just the beginning of Polygon supporting students and young developers in this space. When education and Web3 collide, the possibilities of building together for a better world are boundless. 

If you're with a university and interested to learn more about building in Web3, please reach out

Ready to learn right now, but not a student? 

Look for a local Polygon Guild near you, or spin up your own, to meet other Polygon and Web3 builders in your community. Or tune into our Polygon Pod for engaging conversations and deep dives about the future of Web3. Stay tuned to our blog, join our Discord, and follow us on our social media handles for the best learning opportunities.

Let’s bring the world to Ethereum!

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